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The Kinetic Reveal™ Audience Buyer’s Guide

Unlocking the Mid-Funnel

This guide will show you how to scale retargeting pools and first party data sets with accuracy, ease, and impact. Don’t make sacrifices by relying on the hypertargeting of existing technology or the spray and pray approach. Kinetic Reveal™ is an audience discovery solution that identifies, verifies, and reaches the right people at the right time. Reveal overcomes limitations for addressability at scale. The results speak for themselves:

  • 31% increase in CTR
  • Up to 80% unduplicated reach
  • 4x lift in return on ad spend


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Kinetic Social is a data and technology–enabled digital marketing services solution provider. Leveraging our proprietary Kinetic Reveal™ audience data and activation technology, API integrations into the leading social and sell side platforms, and marketing advisory services, Kinetic identifies and activates high value audience segments across all digital platforms for leading global brands.